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the oratory



The Oratory of Our Lady of Ripaia is a Romanesque church located in the village of Treggiaia of the town of Pontedera. Built in the thirteenth century the building has a simple facade with a portal stone. In the lunette above the picture painted still persists but faded the “Madonna with Child” width a mullioned windows at the top with three columns. The oratory was enlarged in 1696 with the construction of the apse and the small bell' while in the second half of the nineteenth century was the subject of a complete restoration. In 1992 the church was again restaurata. All' internal preservers the precious image of the Madonna an Child with St. Lawrence and St- Bartholomew, “venerated width the title” Our Lady of Ripaia the painting has recentely been attributed to the Master of San Torpoint painter, active in Pisa in the first half of the fourteenth century.





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